About Myself

I am a computer scientist interested in algorithms and combinatorial optimization, in particular graph algorithms. My work follows the paradigm of Algorithm Engineering: I design and prototype algorithms that are efficient in practice while still having strong theoretical guarantees. A major part of my work involves the implementation and empirical evaluation of algorithms on large-scale real-world data sets.

Since November 2015 I am working at Apple in California. Before then I worked as a Post-Doc Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City and Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, of which the latter was closed in September 2014.

I did a lot of work on algorithms for route planning in transportation networks, including road networks, public transport networks, and multi-modal networks. I have coauthored an overview article, which surveys the field. It is available from Springer. A preprint is also available from arXiv.

In my free time, I enjoy photography and videography, and I love all sorts of trains, in particular subways and trams.

Further Information